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The Interview Series

Written by FS StaffOctober 3, 2011
Interviewer has had the great fortune of being able to interview some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people in the world of fashion design.  Below is a list of fashion industry professionals that have been interviewed as part of our interview series to date.

Alex Maine, Bron Heussenstamm

Alexis Reyna, Alexis Reyna

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Avni Fashion, Avni Trivedi

B.B. Zipper, Barry Bricken

Bell Fashions, Brenda Bell

Black Russion Label, Joanna C. de'Shay

Bracher Emden, Richard Emden

Cherie Bixler Patternmaking and Consulting, Cherie Bixler

Cloutier Remix, Maria Divaris

Color Marketing Group, Patti Call

Démode, Helena Ekström

Devonation, Devon Yan Berrong

Doanld Deal, Donald Deal

Emilia Andrich, Emilia Andrich

FABRYAN, Samantha Jane

Fashion Capital and Enter Fashion, Jenni Sutton

Fashion Cents, Kimberly Turner

Fashion Consultant, Anton Dell

Fashion Trend Guide, Melissa Poster

Fashion United, Sarah Delatour

FinalFashion, Danielle Meder

Fusion Apparel, Darius B. Gibbs

GCB Designs, Gayle C. Baker

Global Mamas, Alice Grau

Global Purchasing Group, Mercedes Gonzalez

Gloomth & The Cult of Melancholy, Taeden Hall

Greenola, Jennifer Moran

Gwen Beloti Collection, Gwen Beloti

Handsome in Pink, Jo Hadley and Helena Simon

Heart-Hunters Consulting, President Valerie Cooper

Helen Sharp Knitwear, Helen Sharp

HourGlass Apparel, Latonya Adkins, Onno Rikpstra

Jasmine Bridal's, Rachel Krause

Jewels by Jessica, Jessica

Kate Fearnley

KUSIKUY, Tamara Stenn

L'ovedbaby, Sharon Oved

London College of Fashion, Adam Watling

Martine Rose

My Everyday Couture, Vanessa Fernandez

Nelli Millard Fashion Sewing Studio, Owner Nelli Millard

Pamela A. Designs, Pamela Truemper

Pitch! Press, Shannon Cavanagh-Estrada

Red Dog Run Designs, Al Pepin

Rock Goddess, Justice Belle

Sans Soucie, Katherine Soucie

Street Star Lifestyle Brand, Jenn Tavarez

Tinder Inc's., Katie Sturino

Windham Fabrics, Laura Jaquinto

Wink, Richard Boynton