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When people think of Nevada their thoughts immediately jump to the all day/all night glitz of the city's multiple casinos and nightlife opportunities. But there is so much more to this state: there are miles of scenic beauty, historic and cultural attractions aplenty, and a myriad of recreational opportunities for any time of year.

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Nevada Fashion Schools (NV)

Nevada isn't just gambling; it's also desert country, the Old West, mining towns, railroads, Native American land, cowboy country and even a UFO mecca. Visit Elko in January for the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering, where the country's best buckaroo bards travel to share their tales of life on the range. Or take in the old west feel of a multitude of well-preserved deserted 19th century mining towns like "Eureka!" (Get it?). Stealing a little of Roswell's thunder is State Route 375, Nevada's "Extraterrestrial Highway" that skirts a top-secret military base said to be dedicated to the study of extraterrestrials.

When you hear the slogan - "The Wildest Adventure State in the Lower 48" - you know you're in trouble. Whether it is rock climbing at Red Rock, heli-skiing at Lamoille, or fly-fishing at Elko, Nevada has some of the most diverse and exciting adventure sports around. For natural wonders around the country, few can compare with the beauty of Lake Tahoe, the jewel of the Sierra Nevadas. This picturesque lake is one of the clearest and deepest lakes in the world. Outdoor recreation is a year-round experience - you can ski, snowboard, or snowmobile in the winter, or golf, boat, water-ski, hike, fish and mountain bike in the summer.

Nevada is also a veritable architectural and engineering showcase. Las Vegas alone is home to some of the world's most outlandish and interesting hotels and resorts. Other architectural sites around the state include the Pershing County Courthouse, believed to be the only round courthouse in the country; the famous Bottle House, constructed of glass bottles when building materials were scarce; and the Hoover Dam, a 726-foot- high concrete structure that is considered one of the seven manmade wonders of the world.


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