Other Fashion Careers

Other fashion career opportunities include costume design for TV, film and theater productions; personal stylist positions with high-end department stores and private clients, and modeling work for everything from newspapers ads to strutting the catwalk in Milan or Paris.

Fashion Designer

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About Fashion Designers

Fashion Colorists

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About Fashion Colorists

The world is filled with millions of different colors and fashion colorists have the unique ability to identify and recreate many of them. Just think, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of shades of yellow, brown, green, and blue. It is the fashion colorists job to create these colors for designers, clothing manufacturers, and other fashion industry professionals.

Embroidery Designer

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About Embroidery Designers

Embroidery design is a specialized field within the fashion design industry. Unlike fashion design, which involves designing clothing, embroidery design deals with decorating articles of clothing, handbags, and other accessories with unique stitching or creative patterns. While embroidery is most popular in the world of fashion, it is also used in the automotive industry, furniture design, toy manufacturing, home accessories, and more. 

Costume Designer

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About Costume Designers

Costume designers are considered “specialty” fashion designers. They create looks for characters for television, film, and stage productions. Depending on the project, stage designers may be required to create costumes based on strict specifications or they may have the freedom to create from their own vision of what they think the character should wear. Some costume designers revamp existing costumes to fit the production at hand.

Computer-Aided Designer

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About Computer-Aided Designers

Computer-aided designers in the fashion industry use computer software to create sketches and other designs used to create clothes, accessories, shoes, intimate apparel, and more. Computer-aided design or “CAD” is fast becoming the future of sketching in the fashion industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a growing number of fashion designers translate hand sketches to the computer, which allows designers to view designs of clothing on virtual models and in various colors and shapes. This saves time by requiring fewer adjustments of prototypes and samples later.

Children’s Clothing Designer

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About Children’s Clothing Designes

Children’s clothing designers design clothing for children and teens of all ages. Some may specialize in clothing for babies, while others may focus on fashions for tweens and teens. Children’s clothing designers may also design accessories, shoes, and sleepwear for kids of all ages.


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Apparel Business Owner

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About Apparel Business Owners

Apparel business owners may own a shop that sells clothing and accessories made by other designers, they might sell their own designs, or a combination of both. Whether the shop sells the owners designs or not, apparel business owners are responsible for every aspect of the business from the layout and design of the shop to buying to marketing to accounting. If the shop sells the owners’ designs exclusively, the owner is also responsible for production and distribution.  

 Account Executive

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About Account Executives

Account executives in the fashion industry are responsible for selling and promotions. They help promote and sell everything from retail chains to exclusive designer brands. Without the help of an account executive, your Sunday paper might not be filled with full-page Macy’s or Apple Store ads!

Personal Stylist

Also called: Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Shopper

Job Description

Have you envisioned working with glamorous Hollywood celebrities and fashion models? Do you love the company of stylish individuals? If you do, then you have to consider pursuing a career as a personal stylist. Working as a personal stylist will give you the opportunity to assist and style well-known fashion personalities. This may be a dream come true for some especially those who have been attracted with the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry.

Fashion Model

Also called: Fashion Model, Runway Model, Print Model

Job Description

Do you like posing in front of the camera? Do you possess an attractive physique along with good facial features? Do you love the idea of wearing designer clothes? If you DO, then you are cutout to be a professional fashion model. Modeling careers are very rewarding jobs due to the numerous perks that come with them. Careers of commercial and fashion runway model professionals do not last forever. In fact, there is an age limit set for aspiring fashion runway model professionals as well as commercial fashion models. Girls who are aspiring to become a fashion runway model must start in a very early age around 15 - 22, while boys can start their modeling career between the ages of 18 - 25.

Costume Designer

Also called: Theatrical Designer

Job Description

Are you intrigued by how costumes are conceptualized? Do you have superb creative and artistic talents? If so, then you really should consider pursuing a career as a costume designer. Great opportunities are waiting for those who have attended formal education and training from notable fashion design schools.