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The fashion industry offers a number of opportunities for creative professionals who aren't attracted to the design side. Fashion writers and editors are employed by newspapers, magazines, web sites, and other media outlets to keep consumers up-to-date on style trends. Fashion photographs, illustrators, and stylists are often employed by catalogs and magazines.

Here at we have profiled dozens of professions in fashion design, fashion merchandising and related fields. Each article contains info about the profession, employment and salary trends and data, types of jobs available to someone with training in that profession, and tips on choosing that career path. Below is a handy dandy list of our profession profiles to date.

Fashion Photographer

What do Fashion Photographers do? Where do Fashion Photographers work? FS takes a look:

About Fashion Photographers

Fashion photographers take pictures of models, mannequins, and sets. They photograph for designers, fashion magazines, advertisements, and more. Fashion photography is a specialized field, so fashion photographers have more than a good eye for detail. Fashion is their business, so photographers in this field have significant knowledge about major players in the industry, how the industry works, and what’s hot and what’s not.

Fashion Director

What do Fashion Directors do? Where do Fashion Directors work? FS takes a look:

About Fashion Directors

Graphic Designer

Also called: Graphic Artist

Job Description

 Graphic Designers design and prepare camera-ready copy for any type of printed material, including business cards and stationary, brochures, advertising, packaging, book covers, and many other types of materials, for various fashion businesses. Graphic designers may work for an advertising agency, fashion magazine, graphic design firm, as a freelance designer, or out of their own studio. In large agencies, they work on a team with the Art Director and Creative Director in order to conceptualize and create specific designs to be approved by their client.

Fashion Writer

Also called: Fashion Journalist, Fashion Critic, Fashion Reporter

Job Description

Fashion writers produce editorial copy for media outlets such as fashion magazines, newspapers, fashion / design websites or blogs, and of course for television. The majority of the industry's fashion writers work within editorial departments of fashion design firms, but for those who specialize in areas like designer collection reviews... submitting articles on a freelance basis is often the preferred career direction. Talented fashion editors tend to partner with photographers, who together dig up their own stories e.g. formal portraits of designers, editors, models, celebrities and others who make up fashion's inner circle. After developing these stories behind the scenes, they are pitched to chief editors or other fashion media buyers like Vogue or Cosmo. Like all journalists, fashion reporters must do thorough research and/or conduct interviews when preparing articles. Most draw upon their personal interest and incorporate their own personality into stories to make their pieces fun, interesting and engaging to readers.

Fashion Illustrators

Also called: Fashion Artist

Job Description

Fashion Public Relations Specialist

Also called: Fashion Publicist, Fashion Media Relations Specialist

Job Description: Fashion Public Relations Specialists and Publicists help apparel companies and retail stores build and maintain a favorable public image. Because they do not pay for publicity or media coverage, Public Relations (PR) Specialists must find creative ways to keep the company's brand name in the public eye. PR specialists select information that they want to share with the public and write up press releases or conduct press conferences to distribute the news through television, newspapers, radio and direct mail. They are also responsible for interacting with media when questions or crises arise from outside sources. As such, PR specialists must maintain strong professional relationships with media personnel.

Fashion Photography

Also called: Photographer, Catalogue Photographer, Magazine Photographer

Job Description

Many are attracted with fashion photographer careers due to the numerous perks that they offer. Fashion photographer jobs require a good amount of foreign traveling in scenic, exotic and superb photo shoot locations. In addition to that, a career in fashion photography is perhaps one of the most glamorous professions ever created in the fashion industry. Not to mention the fact that fashion photographer professionals receive excellent compensation. That being said, there is no doubt why an increasing number of people are now showing great interest in the fashion photography field.

Fashion Editor

Also called: Apparel Editor, Accessories Editor, Fashion Producer

Job Description: Fashion editors supervise the process of creating, developing and presenting content for fashion-specific magazines, photo shoots, websites, newspaper sections, or television shows. Editors occupy the mid to highest-level positions at publications. Under guidance of the editor-in-chief, they are responsible for deciding the creative influence and direction that their departments will pursue during a given season or issue. Editors may specialize in apparel, accessories, beauty and make-up, and so on. Some fashion editors choose to be freelance, working on a per-contract basis and assuming all of the costs of the fashion shoot (e.g., clothing and accessories).

Fashion Stylist

Alternate Titles: Stylist 

Job Description

Do you have the passion to create unique wardrobe styles? Are you good in mixing and matching fashion outfits? If you have long been dreaming of working as a fashion stylist, then now is the time to shine! Fashion design schools will be more than happy to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become the best in the industry.