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Wood Tobé-Coburn School (New York, NY)

Written by FS StaffJuly 19, 2011
Wood Tobé-Coburn School (New York, NY)

Wood Tobé-Coburn School in New York City has had only one mission since the school was founded in 1879: to help young adults begin successful careers. Its hands-on programs can teach students the high-tech skills needed to succeed in today's increasingly technological working world. In addition, the school's placement department helps all graduates find the right company to begin their successful careers.

As a bonus for fashion students, Wood Tobé-Coburn is located steps away from the heart of the fashion industry-Seventh Avenue. Graduates from our program benefit from the many long-standing and close relationships that Wood Tobé-Coburn has with fashion companies in New York's fashion district.

Wood Tobé-Coburn School offers the following degrees:

Fashion Design, Associate of Arts
Fashion Merchandising, Associate of Arts