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Graphic Designer - Career Profile

Written by FS StaffJuly 11, 2011
Graphic Designer

Also called: Graphic Artist

Job Description

 Graphic Designers design and prepare camera-ready copy for any type of printed material, including business cards and stationary, brochures, advertising, packaging, book covers, and many other types of materials, for various fashion businesses. Graphic designers may work for an advertising agency, fashion magazine, graphic design firm, as a freelance designer, or out of their own studio. In large agencies, they work on a team with the Art Director and Creative Director in order to conceptualize and create specific designs to be approved by their client.

Salary Range

 $15,000 to $80,000+
Entry level pay may range from $15,000 to $30,000
Experienced pay may range from $45,000 to $60,000
Top level pay is around $80,000+


 Good to Excellent. Faster than average growth is projected for graphic designers in the coming years thanks to the growth of the Internet and the increase in competition among apparel designers and manufacturers. Success for graphic designers is usually based on creativity and design sense, variety and length of experience, business acumen, and turnover in top positions. Those who fit the bill may progress to become art directors or creative directors, or may decide to open their own graphic design firm and hire other designers.

Programs to Consider:


 Education - a 2 or 4 yr. degree in Graphic Design or related field is highly recommended. Coursework should include techniques for graphic communication and electronic art.

Experience - College internships and related experience is recommended. A portfolio of previous work is required.

Personal Characteristics/Skills - Good sense of style, color and design; ability to tolerate criticism; creativity and imagination; attention to detail; good computer skills; ability to collaborate other professionals.

Career Path: Paste-up Artist > Graphic Designer > Art Director > Creative Director