Explore the business side of fashion, home décor and shopping with a degree in Merchandising, Digital Retailing, Retail or Home Furnishings Merchandising. Depending on your specific interests, our fashionable options prepare you for roles in analytics, product development, social media, retail buying, search engine marketing management and project management.

Bachelor of Science in Consumer Experience Management

A growing number of companies are looking for talent in the areas of consumer analytics and experience management. Our Bachelor of Science in Consumer Experience Management — the first in the nation — will help you tackle evolving business trends. You’ll learn how to fully understand your customer so that no matter what the industry — retail, hospitality, entertainment, journalism, health care or something entirely different — you’ll know how to provide people what they want. You have the option to complete this degree entirely at UNT at Frisco.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Retailing

This unique option prepares you to capitalize on retail opportunities both online and in physical stores. Launched in 2002, UNT was the first university to provide the degree. With a focus on e-commerce, you’ll see how marketing, social media, digital technology, consumer segments and information architecture can make companies stand out from the crowd.

Bachelor of Science in Home Furnishings Merchandising

Discover how to conceptualize, produce, manufacture and sell the furniture and accent pieces that interior designers and DIY home decorators use. It’s one of the very few programs nationwide that focuses specifically on the myriad home furnishings for sale through this multi-billion-dollar industry.

Bachelor of Science in Merchandising

Learn about the corporate side of store planning. Explore inventory allocation and how to evaluate what products sell best and when, visual merchandising, ways to entice shoppers aesthetically, the supply chain, and ordering and promoting an individual brand. Whether it’s a car, a watch or a chic pair of jeans, you’ll know the best tools for getting your items into your customers’ hands.

Bachelor of Science in Retail

Become a leader in the retail sector — the industry that encompasses one of every four U.S. jobs. We designed this degree to meet a critical shortage of professionals with leadership experience who can fill management and executive positions. You’ll learn about the three primary components of retail — merchandising, digital selling and operations.

Master of Science in Merchandising

Master the business side of the industry. This integrated program prepares students to find innovative ways to grow small and large companies alike and to tackle corporate challenges in the highly competitive retail sector. Whether you’re launching your own store or helping a major company with a new brand concept, you’ll have the expertise you need.

Shape the home environment by learning to apply merchandising strategies to the world of interior design and home décor. Through our bachelor’s degree in Home Furnishings Merchandising, you’ll learn about consumer behavior, drawing and planning, buying, sourcing, aesthetics, textiles and historic furniture — and ultimately, you’ll set the stage leadglobally.unt.edu for the furniture and accent pieces that interior designers and everyday shoppers use.