Mizzou TAM is the innovative Leaders in the Global Fashion Supply Chain

Where students learn both the art and science of the fashion business!

Innovative Leaders in a Global Fashion Supply Chain

The Department of Textile & Apparel Management, in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, is a global leader focusing on the apparel and textile supply chain. TAM's award-winning faculty is internationally recognized. Ranked as one of the top programs of its kind, TAM prepares students for a wide variety of career options such as merchandising, buying, sourcing, product development, technical design, e-retailing or retail operations. The curriculum focuses on leadership, the global supply chain, sustainability, creativity/innovation and technology. Through course work, field study experiences, internships, leadership conferences and student organizations, TAM students develop the skills they need to be a top recruit for industry positions.

Research and Outreach

TAM faculty have focused their research in dynamic and carefully interwoven areas that lie at the heart of the global textile and apparel industry. Their research encompasses all levels of the industry including economics, trade, consumer behavior, history, product development and management, socio-cultural studies, retail management, and environmental issues. They collaborate on interdepartmental, interdisciplinary, and intercollegiate research projects with faculty in marketing, management, history, engineering, sociology, history, economics, journalism, and law. They build bridges between these disciplines and conduct both applied and theoretical research. Their exemplary research programs have gained them international recognition evidenced with the ATMI Award for Excellence.

The faculty serve on editorial boards, review manuscripts from several journals, serve as officers and chairpersons in international professional organizations, serve on corporate boards, and serve as associate faculty and Executive Board members of the Center for the Digital Globe. The faculty have received two different USDA Higher Education Challenge grants in the past two years, and a multitude of other internal and external grants.

For more information about faculty research visit the TAM faculty page. In addition to research, the faculty are involved with University of Missouri Extension and contribute primarily to Missouri Families.

Fashion programs & degrees offered by University of Missouri: 

BS in Textile and Apparel Management, Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Merchandising, MS in Textile and Apparel Management, PhD in Human Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Textile and Apparel Management

Contact Info
Textile and Apparel Management, University of Missouri
137 Stanley Hall
Columbia, MO 65211
Type of School 
University of Missouri's student population 
More than 10,000
Fashion student population 
251 - 500

University of Missouri's admission requirements: 

Freshman admission requirements are available from https://admissions.missouri.edu/apply-freshmen/admission-requirements/

Transfer admission requirements are available from mu tam

MS and PhD admission requirements are https://tam.missouri.edu/grad_admission.html

Full tuition information is available here: https://cashiers.missouri.edu/cost/

Program Length 
4 years for BS, 2 years for MS and 3 years for PhD

University of Missouri's career placement services: 

The department offers various career services and more information is avaialble from https://tam.missouri.edu/students_careers.html and https://undergraduatestudies.missouri.edu/career-outcomes/

93% of the students secure jobs within 6 months of graduation and the median starting salary for the class 2019 were $42,500.


All data as of 2020.

Faculty members at University of Missouri 
2,501 or more
Fashion faculty members at University of Missouri 
6 - 10