The Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies (FASH) prepares students to thrive in the fast-paced and dynamic fashion and apparel industry. Relevant curricula address the conceptualization, design, pre-production, planning, communication, and distribution of fashion, apparel, and related products through two undergraduate major programs and four undergraduate minors  Our strengths in cutting-edge technology, global experiences, industry relationships, and mentoring throughout our programs exemplify this commitment, and contribute to the professional success of our graduates. The Fashion Design and Product Innovation (FDPI) and Fashion Merchandising and Management (FM) programs allow students to supplement their state-of-the-art education with experiential and discovery learning through study abroad, research and scholarship, internships, and field studies.

The Fashion Design and Product Innovation major prepares students to create fashion and apparel products that meet the functional, expressive, and aesthetic needs of contemporary fashion consumers. The major represents a rich curriculum which broadly focuses on the fashion and apparel industry by synthesizing research, creativity, design development, and the technical skills needed for a successful career.

The Fashion Merchandising and Management major prepares students for all aspects of fashion business management relating to planning, development, sourcing, production, distribution, and communication of fashion products in the global environment.

An Honors Degree option is available for each major. In addition, minors in Fashion History and Culture, Fashion Management, Functional Wearable Design and Sustainable Apparel and Textile Innovation as well as a 4+1 program leading to the completion of a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Management and a Master of Science in Fashion and Apparel Studies are offered. (University of Delaware, Undergraduate Catalog, 2020

We have a proud history of offering fashion programs at the University of Delaware since 1914. Our department is defined by our rigorous undergraduate programs, internationally prominent graduate and professional education programs, and award-winning scholars that produce impactful and cutting-edge research. We are an interdisciplinary field with our faculty expertise representing various fields of study with significant collaborations across the College, the University, and with international institutions. Our apparel industry orientation is supported by our strong partnerships and collaboration with government and non-government organizations (NGO) and for-profit businesses.