Stephens College: Fashion Communication, Fashion Design & Product Development, Fashion Marketing and Management
Columbia, Missouri
School of Design & Fashion

The School of Design and Fashion at Stephens College focuses on developing students’ technical skills, problem solving, marketable creativity, communication, and critical thinking abilities to prepare them for careers as fashion professionals.  Students complete industry-assessed projects as well as a required internship and a final senior project to develop their technical and creative abilities.  Students can choose between a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Communication or Fashion Design & Product Development, or a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing and Management.

What fashion related programs and degrees does Stephens College offer?
As of 2011, Stephens College offers the following degrees:
BFA Fashion Communication
BFA Fashion Design & Product Development
B.S. Fashion Marketing and Management

What’s the school’s contact information?
Stephens College
School of Design & Fashion
1200 E. Broadway, Box 2042
Columbia, MO 65215
Phone: 573-876-7233

Type of School? Private  

How much is tuition?
Annual tuition: $25,400
Room & Board: $8,680

What’s the typical student profile?
Stephens College total undergraduate students: 760
Fashion program students: not available

What are the requirements to enter program?
Program requires a 2.5 GPA, ACT score of 19 or above, SAT score of 1500 or above, and a C- or better in each class in the major to continue to the next class.

How long does it take to complete program?
It usually takes four years to complete a B.S. degree, two years to complete a M.S. degree and two or more years to complete a Ph D program.

How many faculty members does Stephens College’s Fashion program have?
Faculty members: 111

What career placement services does Stephens College provide?
Fashion majors are required to complete an internship during their junior year, where they are placed among top companies.  The program sponsors yearly trips to New York City and trips every other year to Las Vegas.  There are also study abroad opportunities in London and Paris available. Students also must complete a Senior capstone project.

All data is as of 2011.