North Carolina State University: Fashion & Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management/Brand Management and Marketing/Retail and Supply Chain, Textile Technology Design
Raleigh, North Carolina
Department of Textile & Apparel Technology & Management, College of Textiles

North Carolina State University’s Department of Textile and Apparel Technology & Management prepares students for careers in the fiber, textile, apparel, and retail industries.  Students learn the fundamental scientific, technological, and management principles that they will need to succeed, as well as the ability to solve difficult managerial and technological problems.  The program also features a focus on research and the transfer of new knowledge to the industry and society.

What fashion related programs and degrees does North Carolina State University offer?
As of 2011, North Carolina State University offers the following degrees:
B.S. Fashion & Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management
B.S. Fashion & Textile Management, Brand Management and Marketing
B.S. Fashion & Textile Management, Retail and Supply Chain
B.S. Textile Technology, Design

What’s the school’s contact information?
North Carolina State University
Department of Textile & Apparel Technology & Management, College of Textiles
 2401 Research Dr., Box 8301
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: 919-515-6632

Type of School? Public

How much is tuition?
Annual tuition: $5,500 (in-state), $18,000 (out-of-state)
Room & Board: $9,000

What’s the typical student profile?
North Carolina State University total undergraduate students: 950
Fashion program students: 540

What are the requirements to enter program?
Program requires a 2.8 transfer GPA. 
Freshmen Admission Average 4.0 weighted GPA and 3.27 unweighted GPA.

How long does it take to complete program?
It usually takes four years to complete a B.S. degree, two years to complete a M.S. degree and two or more years to complete a Ph D program.

How many faculty members does North Carolina State University’s Fashion program have? Faculty members: 2

What career placement services does North Carolina State University provide?
Students who wish to complete an internship are usually placed among some of the top fashion, retail, and marketing companies in the industry.  Opportunities for study abroad are also available.  North Carolina has very active student organizations which support professional growth and development including the popular, ReDress Raleigh Eco-Friendly Fashion Show.

All data is as of 2011.