Drexel University: Fashion Design, Design & Merchandising, Product Design
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Department of Fashion & Design & Merchandising

Drexel University’s Fashion Design program combines a six-month Co-op experience with instruction in conceptual design, presentation skills, CAD, and manufacturing procedures.  The program covers all areas of fashion design with small studio classes that simulate the professional world.  The Design & Merchandising program provides instruction in product design, fashion merchandising and creation, marketing, promotion, and distribution.  The Product Design program is a multidisciplinary program with a focus on commercialization, green design, and sustainability.

What fashion related programs and degrees does Drexel University offer?
As of 2011, Drexel University offers the following degrees:
B.S. Fashion Design
B.S. Design & Merchandising
B.S. Product Design

What’s the school’s contact information?
Drexel University
Department of Design & Fashion & Merchandising
33rd & Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-895-2390

Type of School? Private

How much is tuition?
Annual tuition: not available
Room & Board: not available

What’s the typical student profile?
Drexel University total undergraduate students: not available
Fashion program students: 350

What are the requirements to enter program?
All programs require a 3.0 GPA.  The Fashion Design major also requires a portfolio review.

How long does it take to complete program?
It usually takes four years to complete a B.S. degree, two years to complete a M.S. degree and two or more years to complete a Ph D program.

How many faculty members does Drexel University’s Fashion program have?
Faculty members: 25-28

What career placement services does Drexel University provide?
Students are required to complete an internship in their junior year, where they are typically placed among top fashion companies.  Study abroad opportunities are available in Europe and Australia.

All data is as of 2011.