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John Troy Discusses Lindenwood University’s Fashion Design Program

Written by FS StaffAugust 21, 2013
Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a Fashion Design degree within its School of Fine and Performing Arts Department.  It’s located in the state of the art J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts. Since 1827, the university has been encouraging students to pursue a liberal arts education intertwined with creative expression.  The school teaches students the importance of incorporating their environment -- political mood, economic conditions and culture -- in their design. Each spring, for almost 20 years, students can display their fashions in Lindenwood’s annual New York-style runway show.

The fashion department also encourages students to be a part of its Fashion Club, with social and educational opportunities for design students.

Upon graduation, students will enter the world of fashion with both classic design skills, and the technical expertise, necessary for today’s demands.

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For more information, we talked to John Troy, Professor and Chairman of the Art and Design Department at Lindenwood University.

(This interview was conducted via email & edited for length & clarity)

FS:  Please begin with a short overview of your Fashion Design program.  Tell us about its strengths:

LU:  Our Fashion Design program is centered on values that lead to the development of the whole person, an educated, responsible citizen of the global fashion community. Strengths of our program include the latest technology in computer-aided design, large fashion studios, industry-level equipment and materials, career-focused internships, study abroad opportunities, and knowledgeable professors with both industry and academic experience dedicated to successful student outcomes.

FS:  What should an aspiring fashion designer look for in a bachelor’s degree program, and how important is a Masters degree for young people entering the workforce?

LU:  An aspiring fashion designer should look for a bachelor’s degree program that focuses on their career interests and cultivates their skills and experiences. A Master’s degree is very important for a young person who seeks to advance above entry-level positions when entering the workforce.

FS:   Are internships a part of a Lindenwood degree?

LU:  Yes, our students are required to partake in an internship before graduating.

FS:  What core classes that are not directly related to fashion, are required of students?

LU:  Our Fashion Design program is built on core Art & Design courses, such as; Drawing, Graphic Design, Color Theory, 2-D, and 3-D design.

FS:  Which skills do you consider to be most critical for a career in fashion?

LU:  We consider the most critical skills for a career in fashion to be; interpersonal communication, knowledge of design aesthetic and techniques, technical design skills, and knowledge of current business and industry trends.

FS:  How has the industry changed in the last 10-20 years, and how has your school adapted its teachings to prepare your students for the business in 2013?

LU:  Over the last 10-20 years, the industry has become more technologically advanced and competitive in many aspects of design. We have adapted our teachings to prepare students for business in 2013 by incorporating varied facets of technology and unique identification of one’s individualized design aesthetic to compete in the field of fashion design while carving a unique niche.

FS:  Which fields do you see opportunity in career-wise for future graduates?

LU:   Career-wise, we see opportunities for future fashion design graduates in fields of design that specialize in services unique to specific groups of the population.

FS:  What advice would you give to aspiring fashionistas?

LU:  Our advice to aspiring fashionistas is; Identify your dream, follow it, perfect your skills in it, and be the best at it, because others may have similar dreams, but only you can be yourself.

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