College of Alameda

College of Alameda: Apparel Design & Merchandising
Alameda, California
Apparel Design & Merchandising Program

 The apparel design and merchandising curriculum offers both foundational and advanced courses that assist students in developing technical skills that are current with today’s ever-changing fashion industry. The fashion program maintains a stable curriculum, yet it offers flexible scheduling and is economical so that students with jobs, careers, or family obligations can still pursue a career in apparel design or merchandising. The design and merchandising program provides computer and software training in technical and pattern design modification, size grading, and marker making to improve the marketability of graduates in the workforce, giving them an advantage over other apparel design programs that don’t offer technical instruction.

Cuesta College

Cuesta College: Fashion Design/ Merchandising
San Luis Obispo, California
Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising

The fashion design and merchandising program offers small class sizes where students can receive individualized attention. Cuesta College continually updates its fashion design and merchandising curriculum to meet the changing demands of the fashion industry.

El Camino College

El Camino College: Fashion Design & Production/ Fashion Merchandising/ Computer Patternmaking Technician/ Costume Technician.
Torrance, California
Fashion & Related Technologies

A main goal of the fashion department at El Camino College is to provide students with the resources they need for success both within the fashion program and the job market. To achieve this goal, the fashion program offers students support through counseling services and gives individuals the opportunity to network with professionals in the fashion industry. El Camino College’s fashion and related technologies department strives to assist students in developing teamwork skills while encouraging them to become more aware about the ever-changing fashion industry.

Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley

Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley: Apparel & Textiles Associate of Applied Science Product Development & Design, Apparel & Textiles Associate of Applied Science Marketing and Merchandising
Kansas City, Missouri
Apparel & Textiles Program

The Apparel & Textiles program at Metropolitan Community College – Penn Valley prepares students for future career opportunities by combining studies of art, business, and technology.  Students have access to a state of the art computer lab, design lab, and exhibit areas.  Apparel & Textiles students can choose between two majors: Product Development & Design or Marketing and Merchandising.

Fontbonne University

Fontbonne University: Fashion Merchandising
St. Louis, Missouri
Human Environmental Sciences

Fontbonne University’s Fashion Merchandising program provides a curriculum that focuses on a complete understanding of the textile and apparel industries.  The program prepares fashion students for a variety of careers in the industry by teaching the principles of design, production, manufacturing, buying, merchandising, and product distribution.  Students must complete an academic internship in their junior or senior year.  Students also have the opportunity to interact with professionals in organizations such as The Fashion Group International and the International Textile and Apparel Association.

Cornell University

Cornell University: Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Apparel Design / Apparel/Textile Management / Fiber Science
Ithaca, New York
Fiber Science & Apparel Design, College of Human Ecology

Cornell University’s Apparel Design concentration utilizes studio courses to help students develop their individual approaches to apparel design and their own personal design philosophy.  The Fashion Design Management concentration focuses on the topics of consumer behavior, product development, communication, finance, globalization, and social responsibility to prepare students for management and marketing careers.  The Fiber Science concentration teaches students the physical, chemical, and engineering properties of materials and textiles.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Fashion Institute of Technology: Menswear
New York, New York
Menswear Department

Fashion Institute of Technology’s Menswear program prepares students for the industry with classes on design techniques, patternmaking skills, sewing, and tailoring.  Students learn how to create a balanced clothing line with wearable clothes and properly priced pieces to sell and succeed in the competitive menswear field.  The program also includes traditional liberal arts classes to provide students with critical thinking and communication skills for success in the industry.

Department of Fashion Merchandising Management

Fashion Institute of Technology: Fashion Merchandising Management
New York, New York
Department of Fashion Merchandising Management

Fashion Institute of Technology’s Fashion Merchandising Management program focuses on fashion marketing, product development, planning, and fashion management.  Students learn real-world skills by visiting showrooms, specialty shops, and buying offices.  The program also includes traditional liberal arts classes to provide students with critical thinking and communication skills for success in the industry.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Fashion Institute of Technology: Technical Design
New York, New York
Department of Technical Design

Fashion Institute of Technology’s Technical Design program is a new program from the school famous for producing some of the world’s top fashion designers and managers.  Students benefit from FIT’s professional faculty and connections in the fashion industry and state-of-the art classrooms, laboratories, and studios.  Classes include Computer Patternmaking, Advanced Textiles, Technical Design, and Computer Corrections.

Fashion Institute of Technology

Fashion Institute of Technology: Accessories Design
New York, New York
Department of Accessories Design

Fashion Institute of Technology’s Accessories Design program combines traditional liberal arts courses with hands-on classes to help students develop both critical-thinking and technical skills.  Students design and produce a full professional-quality accessories line, including belts, footwear, handbags, and more.  Faculty with professional experience and FIT’s other ties to the industry provide students with the education and connections they need to launch their careers.

Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College: Fashion Merchandising Management
Batavia, New York
Business/Fashion Merchandising Management

The Fashion Merchandising Management program at Genesee Community College prepares students for careers in the industry with hands-on experience producing commercials, developing Web pages, and creating fashion portfolios.  Students participate in trips to New York City and Toronto and produce the largest fashion show in Western New York to build experience in fashion merchandising and in spotting new trends.

Herkimer County Community College

Herkimer County Community College: Fashion Buying & Merchandising
Herkimer, New York
Business: Fashion Buying & Merchandising

Herkimer Country Community College’s Fashion Buying & Merchandising program focuses on providing students with a strong educational background in business, giving them the opportunity to work in marketing, retailing, merchandising, public relations, and other fields.  Students may choose an elective in Fashion Illustration if they are interested in fashion design as well as merchandising.

International Academy of Design & Technology – Las Vegas

International Academy of Design & Technology – Las Vegas: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising
Henderson, Nevada
Fashion Merchandising Department

The Fashion Design program at International Academy of Design & Technology – Las Vegas focuses on helping students develop the creative skills and technical competencies they will need for success in the fashion design industry.  Students learn about the processes of apparel conceptualization, illustration, construction, and marketing, as well as the evolution of fashion.  The Fashion Merchandising program provides students with the business skills of merchandising, management, marketing, and buying to prepare them for entry-level positions.

Kent State University

Kent State University: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising
Kent, Ohio
Shannon Rodgers & Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design & Merchandising

Kent State University’s Fashion Design & Merchandising program combines an industry-based curriculum with a strong liberal arts program to prepare students for careers in the fashion industry.  Students gain broad perspective and experience through lectures, seminars, study tours in the United States and abroad, and internships.  The program is committed to staying current with fashion technology to better prepare students for the workplace.

LIM College

LIM College: Fashion Merchandising, Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Management, Fashion Merchandising & Entrepreneurship
New York, New York
Fashion Merchandising

The Fashion Merchandising program at LIM College focuses on the business side of fashion to prepare its students for careers in the industry.  Students receive relevant, practical, hands-on experience with field trips, internships, and guest lectures.  The program includes professional fashion courses as well as liberal arts and business courses to provide a well-rounded educational background.

Marist College

Marist College: Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising
Poughkeepsie, New York
The Fashion Program

The Fashion Program at Marist College combines fashion courses with a liberal arts education to prepare students for careers in the fashion industry.  Students may take advantage of the school’s very strong internship program to gain valuable experience and contacts in the industry.  The Fashion Design major can be combined with a Fashion Merchandising or Product Development minor, and the Fashion Merchandising major includes a Business minor, with a Product Development minor available.

Montclair State University

Montclair State University: Fashion Studies
Montclair, New Jersey
Fashion Studies Program, Department of Art & Design

The Fashion Studies Program at Montclair State University focuses on preparing students for a variety of careers in the fashion, retail, and wholesale apparel industries.  Students receive instruction in courses directly related to the fashion industry and business as well as a solid liberal arts education.  The program seeks to create fashion professionals who work in a social responsible manner to cooperate with the interests of employees, suppliers, and the environment.

Pratt Institute

Pratt Institute: Fashion Design
Brooklyn, New York
Fashion Design Department

Pratt Institute’s Fashion Design program inspires creative expression while providing students with technical skills like pattern making, draping, construction and sketching, and more.  Students gain hands-on experience with field trips to design showrooms and museums, as well as internships and design competitions.  A Fashion in Europe class led by Pratt Institute’s professional faculty exposes students to the European design industry with trips to design houses in cities around Europe.

SUNY Westchester Community College

SUNY Westchester Community College: Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Technology & Construction
Valhalla, New York
Department of Fashion Merchandising

The Fashion Merchandising program at SUNY Westchester Community College features a curriculum that combines business and fashion courses to prepare students for a variety of careers in the fashion industry, including positions in buying offices, fashion manufacturers, designers’ showrooms, retail stores, and more.  After graduation, students may choose to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. 

Villa Maria College

Villa Maria College: Fashion Design & Merchandising
Buffalo, New York
Fashion Design & Merchandising Department

Villa Maria College’s Fashion Design & Merchandising program focuses on encouraging students’ individual values and perspectives in their careers in fashion design and imagery.  Through coursework and experience, students develop the creative, critical thinking, technology, portfolio, and communication skills they need to succeed in the industry.  Students choose a design or a merchandising track beginning in their sophomore year.

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