Saint Catherine University

Saint Catherine University: Fashion & Apparel: Apparel Design/ Fashion
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Department of Family, Consumer, and Nutritional Sciences

The apparel design and retail merchandising program at Saint Catherine University emphasizes a solid liberal arts education, offering more liberal arts classes than a majority of similar fashion programs at land grand universities. St. Catherine University’s fashion program is designed with the principle that students should cultivate a strong sense of religious and ethical values as they advance through the curriculum and beyond as graduates. This approach allows students to have an ethical eye towards issues related to the fashion industry. This way, graduates will have the tools they need to advocate for ethical and socially responsible practices in the industry. The fashion program encourages and supports students in developing critical thinking and technical skills along with intellectual curiosity, leadership, and a professional approach to their craft.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

Minneapolis Community and Technical College: Apparel Design/Technical Design.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apparel Technologies

The fashion program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College offers a comprehensive curriculum committed to hands-on learning. Fashion majors are trained to meet the latest demands of the fashion and apparel industry. A main objective of the apparel design and technical design program is to motivate students to work to their full potential while maintaining professional and personal satisfaction in their chosen careerpath.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University: Apparel & Textile Design.
Lansing, Michigan
Art & Art History

The apparel and textile design program at Michigan State University takes a comprehensive approach to the fashion industry, training students in analysis, knowledge synthesis, and creative problem solving. Fundamentally, the curriculum focuses on aesthetics and creativity, two and three dimensional design, design technology, textile materials, history of apparel, culture studies, and apparel and textiles’ place in globalization.

Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Massachusetts College of Art & Design: Fashion Design.
Boston, Massachusetts
Fashion Design Department

A primary goal of Massachusetts College of Art & Design’s fashion program is to teach students the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to successfully enter the fashion industry as professional designers. MassArt fashion majors are trained in both high fine arts couture and commerce, gaining marketable experience creating custom-made apparel as well as ready-to-wear clothing. Students also have the opportunity to work with traditional and non-traditional materials to create accessory design and theatrical costume. The fashion program trains students in the design and construction of men, women, and children’s clothing, as well as in essential design techniques such as detailing and pattern making. Students are encouraged to develop their own interests and style as they advance through the curriculum, which is taught using traditional design techniques combined with up-to-date computer design technology. Fashion majors culminate the design program with a Senior year degree project in which individuals conduct independent research and use the skills they’ve learned to create their own line of garments.

Finlandia University

Finlandia University: Fiber & Fashion Design.
Hancock, Michigan
International School of Art and Design

Originally founded as Suomi College by Finnish immigrants in 1896, Finlandia University offers three major areas of study, fibers, textiles, and garment design, each of which gives students the opportunity to explore materials and theories from the other two, creating a comprehensive and specialized approach to fashion design. The fashion curriculum at Finlandia University is founded on the principle that students should be open and explore topics in fashion across many disciplines. Individuals gain experience working with others by taking part in collaborative projects in ceramic, wood, metal, and studio arts.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University: Apparel Merchandising & Design Apparel Design/
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Department of Human Environmental Studies

The fashion curriculum at Central Michigan University offers a comprehensive approach to design and merchandising to support graduate success in the fashion industry across several fields. To help make a significant, real-world contribution to the fashion industry, students gain exposure to the latest trends in apparel design and merchandising, including the latest in merchandising and design theory and state-of-the-art technology. Both design and merchandising courses are rooted in technological instruction to help students remain marketable in today’s industry. Additionally, apparel design and merchandising majors work on projects that closely reflect the demands of professional work, with company executives helping to evaluate student work.

Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore City Community College: Fashion Design/ Fashion Retailing
Baltimore, Maryland
Fashion Design Program

As the only school of its kind in Maryland, Baltimore City Community College draws a diverse population from out of state, including Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Annapolis. The fashion program offers a career-driven curriculum. All faculty members are working professionals; students are trained in design using state-of-the-art equipment; and an industry-oriented Advisory Committee is in place to assist students in making a smooth transition from school to the work force. All of these resources, combined with exposure to the latest technological advancements in the field, make students competitive in the global design and retail market. Fashion majors have the opportunity to participate in the fashion design program’s annual trips to New York as well as European study tours in Brussels, England, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Sicily, and Spain.

Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College: Fashion Merchandising/ Fashion Design.
Overland Park, Kansas
Fashion Merchandising & Design

The fashion merchandising and fashion design program at Johnson County Community College strives to combine excellent academic coursework and on-site experiential learning to prepare students for careers in the fashion industry. A main objective of the fashion merchandising and design department is to provide a flexible curriculum to best accommodate the needs of its diverse student body. Additionally, online courses are available in textiles, history of costume, and fashion fundamentals. An honors program is available for students who qualify. Graduates go on to transfer to both public and private four-year universities throughout the US.

Harrison College

Harrison College: Apparel Merchandising
Indianapolis, Indiana
Fashion Merchandising, School of Business

Students in the apparel merchandising program at Harrison College take courses that focus on both the creative and business side of the apparel industry. The merchandising curriculum includes management courses, which prepares students for professional work as a merchandise manager, assistant buyer, fashion coordinator, and retail store manager among other apparel related careers.

Framingham State College

Framingham State College: Fashion Design & Retailing/ Apparel Design/
Framingham, Massachusetts
Fashion Design & Retailing, Consumer Sciences Department

The Framingham State College fashion program offers students several advantages that support their academic success and promote their advancement into professional positions in apparel design and merchandising. Several opportunities, programs, and services are in place to help achieve this goal, including business and industry partnerships, up-to-date computer technology, full-time faculty, personalized advising, career counseling, small class sizes, a core curriculum combined with liberal arts education, and a diverse student body. To better accommodate the various needs of student, and to support their academic success, Framingham State College offers some online courses.

Ball State University

Ball State University: Fashion Merchandising/ Fashion Design/ Fashion Minor
Muncie, Indiana
Fashion Merchandising, Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

The fashion merchandising program concentrates on training students to be both marketable and adaptable in a dynamic fashion industry, which includes retail, manufacturing, and distribution. Merchandising majors take courses in several areas of fashion such as dimensions of clothing, textiles, clothing construction, CAD, buying, and promotion. Design students will learn the knowledge and skills they need to be competitive in the global market place as designers, illustrators, pattern makers, textile designers, apparel manufacturers, clothiers, among many other roles.

University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky: Merchandising, Apparel & Textiles.
Lexington, Kentucky
Department of Merchandising, Apparel, & Textiles

A main objective of the department of merchandising, apparel, and textiles is to prepare students for professional work in a highly technical and diverse global climate.University of Kentucky’s fashion program is committed to having a positive social and economic impact in all the fields in which fashion graduates serve. To help accomplish this, the department of merchandising, apparel and textiles has developed teaching, research, and services programs that support student success.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Southern Illinois University Carbondale: Fashion Design/Fashion Merchandising.
Carbondale, Illinois
Fashion Design & Merchandising, School of Architecture

The fashion program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is design to give prospective fashion professionals an introductory education in design and merchandising. The fashion curriculum offers specializations in the areas of design and merchandising, both of which give students an opportunity to gain marketable skills and knowledge in an interactive environment. These focus areas enrich a core curriculum designed to provide students with a comprehensive academic background for future success in the fashion industry. Since the fashion design and merchandising program is fast paced with frequent assignments and deadlines, students should cultivate effective management skills, as they will work on multiple projects simultaneously.

William Rainey Harper College

William Rainey Harper College: Fashion Design/ Fashion Merchandising.
Palatine, Illinois
Fashion Department

Fashion design and merchandising students are trained in both the creative and technical aspect of the fashion industry. The design curriculum emphasizes industrial sewing methods, weaving, patternmaking, illustration, CAD, Textiles, and Fashion Arts. Merchandising majors gain a solid understanding of several subjects in their field including promotions, forecasting, visual merchandising, marketing, and retail merchandising.

Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky University: Textiles & Apparel Merchandising
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

The textiles and apparel merchandising curriculum at Western Kentucky University is designed to assist students in developing marketable problem solving skills in the textile and apparel fields, and to prepare graduates for professional work in the fashion industry as managers or merchandisers. To help accomplish this, the family and consumer sciences department provides 76 hours of instruction in the textiles & apparel merchandising program.

Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University: Fashion Merchandising.
Macomb, Illinois
Department of Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality

The fashion merchandising program at Western Illinois University prepares students for professional work in the fashion merchandising industry, where the school holds there more job opportunities than in fashion design. To prepare for careers in merchandising, students take a variety of courses including introduction to fashion design, along with other subjects such as social/psych aspects of apparel, history of costume, visual merchandising, fashion global issues, and buying.

Vincennes University

Vincennes University: Fashion Merchandising/ Interior Design.
Vincennes, Indiana
Department of Family & Consumer Sciences

Vincennes University’s fashion merchandising and interior design programs are designed to prepare students for careers in the fashion industry as well as to assist them in transferring to a four-year university to pursue a Bachelor’s in merchandising, interior design, or a related field. The fashion program offers small class sizes and labs, free tutoring, and high course transferability. Students in the merchandising and interior design program have the opportunity to visit fashion markets/business, and to participate in hands-on activities in visual merchandising, fashion wholesaling, and clothing construction.

Purdue University

Purdue University: Apparel Design and Technology.
Lafayette, Indiana
Consumer Sciences and Retailing

Graduates of Purdue University’s apparel design and technology program will have received a degree from a Big Ten university. Students will gain a solid understanding of the scientific and technical aspects of pattern making, creative design and rendering, consumer business, drawing, and 2D and 3D design. 

Lasell College

Lasell College: Fashion Design & Production/ Fashion & Retail Merchandising/ Fashion
Communication & Promotion.
Newton, Massachusetts
Fashion Department

To make graduates more marketable in the fashion industry and related fields, Lasell College’s fashion curriculum incorporates both industry knowledge and a strong liberal arts education. The fashion program offers an arts and science foundation combined with courses that emphasize product knowledge and contemporary business practices. Lasell College’s fashion program is underpinned by the philosophy of connected learning, which strives to give students the opportunity to implement theoretical concepts they learn in class through industry-related assignments. Students work in the field alongside leading professionals in the fashion industry. Students gain highly sought-after skills in critical thinking and decision-making for use in professional settings.

Kansas State University

Kansas State University: Apparel & Textiles/ Apparel Design and Production/ Apparel Marketing
Manhattan, Kansas
Apparel, Textiles, & Interior Design

Kansas State University’s fashion program incorporates fields of study that deal with the relationship between humans and their environment. Professional faculty members, with specializations in apparel design, apparel marketing, textiles and product development, share the common goal of providing students with quality coursework underpinned by a devotion to environmental ethics and responsibility.

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