Fashion Marketing / Merchandising

Fashion marketing and merchandising professionals are responsible for identifying and creating fashion trends to sell the products created by fashion designers. Drawing on their knowledge of consumer psychology and trends, they promote fashion with advertising and visual marketing campaigns. The fashion merchandising field includes jobs in both retail and wholesale sales.

Apparel represents a $276 billion retail market in the U.S. and the industry employs large numbers in textile manufacturing (116,000), apparel design and production (170,000), apparel wholesale distribution (140,000), and an impressive three million in apparel retailing. With promising employment figures like these, it’s easy to understand why many fashion students are drawn to fashion retailing and fashion merchandising.

Here at we have profiled dozens of professions in fashion design, fashion merchandising and related fields. Each article contains info about the profession, employment and salary trends and data, types of jobs available to someone with training in that profession, and tips on choosing that career path. Below is a handy dandy list of our profession profiles to date.

Fashion Photographer

What do Fashion Photographers do? Where do Fashion Photographers work? FS takes a look:

About Fashion Photographers

Fashion photographers take pictures of models, mannequins, and sets. They photograph for designers, fashion magazines, advertisements, and more. Fashion photography is a specialized field, so fashion photographers have more than a good eye for detail. Fashion is their business, so photographers in this field have significant knowledge about major players in the industry, how the industry works, and what’s hot and what’s not.

Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College: Fashion Merchandising & Design Fashion Merchandising/ Fashion Design/ Retailing.
Mesa, Arizona
Fashion Merchandising & Design Department

The Fashion Merchandising & Design department at Mesa Community College incorporates all students who have the desire to become professionals in the fashion industry. One of the main objectives of the merchandising and design curriculum is to provide students a clear picture of current trends in the fashion industry. To help achieve this goal, Mesa Community College offers students the opportunity to network with faculty members who have years of experience in fashion and design. The department’s teaching philosophy emphasizes the value of learning by experience, which sends out students to participate in the fashion industry in their community.

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University: Merchandising
Flagstaff, Arizona
School of Communication   

North Arizona University offers an in-depth curriculum designed to give students a solid background in all aspects of product merchandising and services. The School of Communication offers courses that help students improve their communication skills. The merchandising industry entails a host of strategic challenges including product selection, scheduling, merchandise quantity, and pricing. To prepare students for these challenges, the Merchandising program prepares individuals to be qualified in analyzing products and consumer trends, purchasing merchandise from different apparel markets, and executing successful advertising and promotional events campaigns.

Retail Merchandiser

Also called: Merchandise Manager, Fashion Merchandiser

Job Description:

Retail merchandising is the process in selling through retail. The people who work under this department are called retail merchandisers. They make sure that the proper products and clothes are available in the stores, and that they have the right price tags. The retail merchandising team coordinates with the retail buyers because merchandisers decide on the quantity of products that the buyer has to buy.


Also called: Specialty Store Owner, Owner

Job Description

Successful boutique owners are very entrepreneurial-minded and driven people who use a combination of savvy business skills and in-depth knowledge of the fashion retail industry to make a profit. Their stores often target a specific customer profile and often carry a specific mix of clothing and/or apparel designers that appeal to this demographic. Boutique owners must be jacks or jills of all trades as they typically oversee all aspects of a boutiques operations from planning and purchasing their inventory, setting up the in-store displays and managing employees. You could start a fashion boutique in one of the following areas: sportswear, beachwear, novelty items, vintage, T-shirts, dresses, tuxedos, shoes, handbags, accessories, lingerie, watches, sunglasses, and more.

Fashion Director

Also called: Fashion Director

Job Description:

If you want to work as a professional fashion director, it is important that you have a wide understanding about the old, new, and existing fashion trends. Fashion director professionals are responsible for a wide variety of tasks that are directly associated to fashion coordination, management, and promotional activities. Also referred as fashion coordinators, these people are tasked to oversee the whole fashion design department. They need to maintain a unified and organized fashion atmosphere to ascertain that the marketing and promotion of a particular fashion line would be a success.

Fashion Merchandiser

Alternate Titles: Merchandise Display Artist, Visual Display Designer

Visual Merchandiser Job Description

Are you good in conceptualizing and designing store displays? Have ever dreamed of working in retail stores or fashion chains? If your answer is YES, then you will have a bright future working as a visual merchandiser. Visual merchandisers are mainly tasked to develop, create, and implement in-store displays and other store visuals to ensure entice customer to checkout the store's products. Visual merchandiser professionals exploit the impulsive buying attitudes of many consumers in order to gain good store profits.

Fashion Buyer

Also called: Apparel Buyer, Buyer

Job Description

A fashion buyer is responsible for the products that the company sells, making fashion buyer jobs quite important for the company and for the brand that they carry. They oversee the development of clothes which are targeted towards a particular market and price range. Depending on how big the company is, there might be one fashion buyer or a team of fashion buyers responsible for the clothes which the company would carry.