Other Fashion Careers

Other fashion career opportunities include costume design for TV, film and theater productions; personal stylist positions with high-end department stores and private clients, and modeling work for everything from newspapers ads to strutting the catwalk in Milan or Paris.

Costume designers are a vital component of production teams in the film, television and theater industries. They are responsible for creating realistic costumes for film and television actors as well other performance artists—think Cirque de Soleil, the opera and the ballet. Because the position requires precision, advanced design skills, and more, it takes more than creativity to enter the field. Costume designers must have advanced research skills in order to create costumes that correctly match any given era, region or group. They must also:

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Fashion Model

What do Fashion Models do?  Where do Fashion Models work? FS takes a look:

About Fashion Models

Fashion models are more than just pretty faces. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), you’ve likely heard the most promising hopefuls rattle off the names of fashion designers (both iconic and obscure), photographers, and other industry professionals—without hesitation. Many aspiring models also have a significant amount of knowledge about fashion industry trends and the way the fashion design business works. Knowing a lot about fashion is never a bad thing in this industry, but at the end of the day, a models top priority is to make the garments they wear look good.

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