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Mars Hill College

Mars Hill College: Fashion and Interior Merchandising
Mars Hill, North Carolina
Fashion & Interior Merchandising

The Fashion and Interior Merchandising program at Mars Hill College features a broad-based curriculum with a focus on fashion, business, technology, and design in the apparel and interiors industry.  Classes emphasize critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, and creative development.  By helping students develop skills and abilities for success, the program’s instruction prepares students for active careers in fashion.

Missouri State University

Missouri State University: Fashion Design & Product Development, Fashion Merchandising & Management
Springfield, Missouri
Department of Fashion & Interior Design

Missouri State University’s Fashion and Interior Design program focuses on providing students with a balanced curriculum and the knowledge and training they will need to succeed in the fashion industry.  Students participate in formal classes to develop a strong general education foundation and complete faculty-supervised projects to develop their personal, professional, and technical skills. 

North Carolina State University,

North Carolina State University: Fashion & Textile Management, Fashion Development and Product Management/Brand Management and Marketing/Retail and Supply Chain, Textile Technology Design
Raleigh, North Carolina
Department of Textile & Apparel Technology & Management, College of Textiles

North Carolina State University’s Department of Textile and Apparel Technology & Management prepares students for careers in the fiber, textile, apparel, and retail industries.  Students learn the fundamental scientific, technological, and management principles that they will need to succeed, as well as the ability to solve difficult managerial and technological problems.  The program also features a focus on research and the transfer of new knowledge to the industry and society.

North Dakota State University

North Dakota State University: Apparel & Textiles, Apparel Studies/Retail Merchandising: Textile Product Merchandising/Retail Merchandising: Interior Merchandising
Fargo, North Dakota
Department of Apparel, Design, & Hospitality Management

North Dakota State University’s Apparel & Textiles program provides students with a strong general education background and “real life” projects to prepare them for their future careers.  The program’s curriculums combine design, technology, and management to help students develop professionally.  Students have opportunities to work with the school and community on projects to create design solutions.

Stephens College

Stephens College: Fashion Communication, Fashion Design & Product Development, Fashion Marketing and Management
Columbia, Missouri
School of Design & Fashion

The School of Design and Fashion at Stephens College focuses on developing students’ technical skills, problem solving, marketable creativity, communication, and critical thinking abilities to prepare them for careers as fashion professionals.  Students complete industry-assessed projects as well as a required internship and a final senior project to develop their technical and creative abilities.  Students can choose between a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Communication or Fashion Design & Product Development, or a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing and Management.

Stevens Institute of Business and Arts

Stevens Institute of Business and Arts: Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising
Saint Louis, Missouri
Department of Retail Management & Fashion Merchandising

The Retail Management/Fashion Merchandising program at Stevens Institute of Business and Arts provides students with small classes and individualized attention to enhance their educational experience.  Hands-on experience prepares students for future careers as retail and fashion professionals.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

University of North Carolina at Greensboro: Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies, Apparel Product Design/Retailing & Consumer Studies/Global Apparel & Related Industries Studies
Greensboro, North Carolina
Department of Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies

The Consumer, Apparel, & Retail Studies program at University of North Carolina at Greensboro prepares students for global careers with practical learning experiences and community involvement.  Qualified faculty members work closely with students, advising and acting as mentors in their academic studies.  Students can choose between three concentrations in the program: Apparel Product Design, Retailing & Consumer Studies, or Global Apparel & Related Industries Studies.

Windham Fabrics

Laura Jaquinto's career has spanned more years than most of our aspiring fashionista readers have been alive. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design Laura became the Director of Merchandising for Bernard Chaus where she learned the ropes for 5 years starting in 1979. Since then she has held high-level positions at Bonaventure Textiles, Ralph Lauren, Adrienne Vittadini, Crown Productions and Shamash and Sons.

Pitch! Press

Shannon Cavanagh-Estrada must have fashion on the brain and in the blood because she left a successful career in feature films for it. Despite her fast-tracked, fast-paced careers at Sony Entertainment and Disney Shannon made the leap to an unpredictable career in fashion. Luckily, it worked out well.

Heart-Hunters Consulting

Some fashion professionals enjoy working at small, boutique shops. Valerie Cooper prefers the bi-coastal and international setting of Heart-Hunters Consulting. She should prefer it, she's the company President.