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Fashion Illustrators

What do Fashion Illustrators do? Where do Fashion Illustrators work? FS takes a look:

About Fashion Illustrators

Fashion illustrators are part fine artist, part fashion designer. They create illustrations for designers, magazines, advertisements, and retailers using everything from pastels and pencils to oils and computers. Fashion illustrators may work for a design studio or retailer, or they may be self-employed.  

Fashion Forecaster

What do Fashion Forecasters do? Where do Fashion Forecasters work? FS takes a look:

About Fashion Forecasters

Fashion forecasters are at the top of the chain in the world of fashion design. They have the unique ability to predict which way the wind will blow when it comes to what’s soon to be hot, what will stay hot, and what’s not. Also called fashion color forecasters or fashion trend forecasters, fashion forecasters have extensive experience in the fashion industry, so they command some of the top salaries in the business.

Fashion Design Instructor

What do Fashion Design Instructors do? Where do Fashion Design Instructors work? FS takes a look:

About Fashion Design Instructors

Fabric Librarian

What do Fabric Librarians do?  Where do Fabric Librarians work? FS takes a look:

About Fabric Librarians

Fabric librarian is an entry-level position in the textile industry. Fabric librarians are responsible for developing and maintaining fabric “libraries” for companies within the industry. Manufacturers use the library to determine which fabrics have been used in past products and which fabrics are currently being used. Fabric libraries also house information about fibers.

Assistant Fashion Designer

What do Assistant Fashion Designers do?  Where do Assistant Fashion Designers work? FS takes a look:

About Assistant Fashion Designers

Assistant fashion designer is an entry-level position that can be valuable in terms of gaining solid experience in the industry. This position is a way to get your foot in the door at a design studio, retail chain, or apparel manufacturing company, while earning a good salary and it is a great way to establish a reputation in the industry. Assistant fashion designers typically have the same academic background as established designers, minus the years of experience.


The Tucson Fashion Scene

Tucson is around half the size of Phoenix, but it still has an active fashion scene and a large population of fashionistas. For starters, Tucson is home to one of the state’s largest fashion weeks—Tucson Fashion Week. The event showcases designs from established and up and coming Tucson designers. Next, Tucson is home to an impressive collection of boutiques, vintage shops, and mainstream shopping venues. Tucson Mall, Foothills Mall, and Park Place are just a few to find department stores such as Macy’s and major retailers from Banana Republic and LOFT to Benetton and Wet Seal. Upscale shopping is plentiful at the outdoor Mall La Encantada, and boutiques that sell fashions by both local and worldwide designers can be found in the Fourth Avenue shopping district, Main Gate Square, and the El Presidio District in bustling Downtown Tucson.


The Portland Fashion Scene

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and one of the top 50 largest cities in the U.S., so it should come as no surprise to learn that Portland sets the tone for all other cities in the state—especially when it comes to fashion. Portland is home to the state’s largest Fashion Week—Portland Fashion week (PFW), more shopping venues than anywhere else in the state, and some of the nation’s top schools for aspiring fashion designers and fashion merchandisers. Popular shopping venues such as the upscale Pioneer Mall in downtown Portland (over 100 stores) and the largest mall in Oregon, Lloyd Center of Portland (200+ shops), are just a few places you’ll find fashionistas poring over the latest trends.

Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Fashion Scene

When it comes to fashion, Oklahoma City is happy to keep it casual, but always current. Classic pieces, flirty dresses, and the designer jeans and t-shirt look are common here and these styles are easy to find. Oklahoma City is home to a number of malls ranging from budget to premier. Quail Springs Mall is home to more than 160 stores such as Express, Forever 21, and Wet Seal, while the upscale 1 million square foot Penn Square Mall has more than 150 shops from Ann Taylor to Zales.

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Fashion Scene

Las Vegas is the most fashionable city in the state of Nevada. Due to the nature of America’s only adult playground, fashions range from risqué to sophisticated, and that’s just at the Bellagio! Tourism is the number one industry here, so the fashion scene will forever be a mix of what locals think is fashionable and what visitors from around the world bring to the table. So what does this mean for aspiring fashion designers? If you work for a retail shop, designer, or even if you decide to open your own boutique, you will have an unlimited number of local customers and shoppers from around the world, thanks to the nearly 38 million visitors that come here each year.


The Boston Fashion Scene

Boston is the largest and most fashionable city in the state of Massachusetts, and everyone plays a part. For starters, most cultural institutions in Boston and surrounding areas, such as Lowell and Salem, regularly feature fashion collections and exhibitions. The Peabody Essex Museum in Salem hosted a collection of New York fashion icon Iris Apfel, and the American Textile Museum in Lowell has regular exhibitions that explore all aspects of fashion from fiber to haute couture. Next, Boston is home to the state’s largest fashion week—Boston Fashion Week. The event has been a tradition since 1995 and consists of a full week of fashion events at various venues throughout the city.