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The Seattle Fashion Scene

Seattle dominates the fashion scene in Washington State. It’s home to the state’s largest population of salaried fashion designers, Seattle Fashion Week, and more fashion programs than anywhere else in the state. Seattle is also home to hundreds of high-end retail stores and boutiques, and thousands of other unique retail venues from downtown to the outskirts of town. Stroll the streets of Seattle and you’ll find dozens of thrift stores, consignment shops, and vintage stores packed with well-preserved fashions from every era.


The Nashville Fashion Scene

Nashville’s population is slightly lower than Memphis, but the two are almost identical when it comes to fashion. Both cities are laid-back, friendly, and casual, but fashionable. Like Memphis, Nashville has it’s own fashion week—Nashville Fashion Week, which features both established and up-and-coming designers, makeup artists, photographers, and hairstylists. Other industry events such as green/sustainable, bridal, and vintage fashion shows occur regularly.


The Milwaukee Fashion Scene

Milwaukee is the second most fashionable city in the Midwest and the most fashionable city in the state of Wisconsin. Other large cities in Wisconsin—Madison and Green Bay are all too happy to mimic what they see in Milwaukee because the city’s fashionistas have a style all their own. They don’t follow fashion trends—they create their own instead. Take a stroll around one of the city’s shopping districts and you’ll see people clad in vintage threads, mixed patterns, and outfits that could have only been put together by a truly creative mind. 

El Paso

The El Paso Fashion Scene

With a population of more than 650,000, El Paso is the 6th largest city in the state of Texas and one of the top 25 largest cities in the U.S. In addition to a large and diverse population, El Paso is home to a wide variety of retail venues that cater to both American and Mexican shoppers seeking everything from southwestern wear to the latest styles from the runways of New York. The city’s main shopping district is Downtown El Paso where you’ll find shopping venues that sell trendy fashions, nothing but boots, and more. Cowtown Boots at 11451 Gateway W. considers itself the world's largest Western wear store. The 40,000 square foot boot emporium sells styles from alligator to ostrich as well as jeans, clothing, and accessories.


The Denver Fashion Scene

Denver’s fashion scene is all about upscale, designer fashions. The city is home to one of the busiest shopping districts in the state—Cherry Creek Shopping District. This shopping “center” has 169 shops including a mix of upscale retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany & Co., and independently owned boutiques. Downtown Denver is home to a number of high-end retailers as well, but this pedestrian mall of more than 300 retailers has something for all budgets. You can find everything from Ann Taylor to Banana Republic to H&M here.


The Memphis Fashion Scene

Memphis might be one of the most laid-back cities on the map, but this friendly town of more than 680,000 knows a thing or two about fashion. For starters, Memphis is home to Mid-South Fashion Week (MSFW). This fashion extravaganza features both established and up-and-coming designers, makeup artists, photographers, and hairstylists. MSFW is sponsored by the likes of Dereon Footwear (Beyonce Knowles’ shoe brand), BCBGeneration, and many other recognized names in the industry. Other fashion events such as Southern Women’s Show, vintage fashion shows, and bridal shows occur all year long.

Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Fashion Scene

Fort Worth is part of the Dallas-Forth Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. This means, the Forth Worth fashion scene is like Dallas’s baby sister. Fort Worth takes fashion cues from its big sister, and it’s all too happy to do so. Located only 30 miles or so from Dallas, Fort Worth fashionistas take full advantage of having easy access to one of the top 22 fashion capitals of Four Seasons Magazine—and all it has to offer. Upscale shopping, Couture Fashion Week, and dozens of shopping districts are just a few major attractions.


The Charlotte Fashion Scene

Yes—Charlotte has a fashion scene! For starters, the city is home to Charlotte NC Fashion Week, which showcases some of the best established and emerging designers in the city. Each year, the show proves just how fast the fashion scene is growing and how the talent pool has become increasingly competitive. The event also features vendor fairs, workshops, and other networking opportunities. This is the perfect place for aspiring fashion designers to rub elbows with the best.


The Baltimore Fashion Scene

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, so it has a lot on its shoulders—especially when it comes to fashion. Fortunately, the city has embraced the responsibility and handles it with grace.

Over the years, the fashions here have gone from plain and conservative to creative and gorgeous, with high-end boutiques sprouting up all over the city. The homegrown fashion scene is a mix of self-taught and design-school trained fashion designers, with styles you just won’t see anywhere else. And each year, locals and industry professionals from all over have the opportunity to see the best of the best unveiled at Baltimore Fashion Week.


The Austin Fashion Scene

It’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal and it’s a frequent topic of conversation on local news and entertainment shows—Austin’s fashion scene is growing and the world’s high-end retailers have taken notice. The scene has been under a microscope for more than a decade and the transformation has been big. More than 30 high-end retailers, from Burberry to Louis Vuitton, have opened stores in North Austin, and many local retailers have taken their shops to the next level by offering their best creations online, granting access to the rest of the world. This has also helped place the spotlight on Austin’s fashion scene. What this means for aspiring fashion designers and fashion merchandisers is, they have an amazing opportunity to become a part of the transformation by working with a growing group of talented designers and boutique owners or by opting to take a position with a high-end retailer in one of the city’s most progressive shopping districts.